Hanix specializes in building mini-excavators, well known for their powerful digging performances. The Hanix H-series, for example the Hanix H15, are powered with Mitsubishi engines. Using the K3 and K4 series from Mitsubishi, Hanix excavators are powered with reliable and durable engines.

Type Motor Type Remarks
Excavator H12A Mitsubishi L3E-31NS
Excavator H15A Mitsubishi L3E-31NSA
Excavator H15B Mitsubishi L3E-31NSA
Excavator H15B Plus Mitsubishi L3E-31NSA
Excavator H15B-2 Mitsubishi L3E-W231NSA 98652~UP
Excavator H15B Plus-2 Mitsubishi L3E-W231NSA 98652~UP
Excavator H17A Mitsubishi L3E-31NS
Excavator H22A Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator H22B Mitsubishi L3E-W231NSA 98652~UP
Excavator H22B Mitsubishi L3E-W431NSA 182479~UP
Excavator H22B Mitsubishi L3E
Excavator H24A Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator H26C Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator H36C Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator H36CR Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator H45 Mitsubishi K4N-D31NSA
Excavator H50C Mitsubishi K4N-Y231NSA 17470~UP
Excavator H50C Mitsubishi K4N-Y231NSB 22417~UP
Excavator H56C Mitsubishi K4N-Y231NSA 17470~UP
Excavator H56C Mitsubishi K4N-Y231NSB 22417~UP
Excavator H75C Mitsubishi S4S
Excavator M212T Mitsubishi K4E-31DS
Excavator M315T Mitsubishi K4E-31DS
Excavator N06 Mitsubishi K3B-31DS
Excavator N080 Mitsubishi C45L-31DS
Excavator N080-2 Mitsubishi C50L-31DS
Excavator N11 Mitsubishi K3E-31DS
Excavator N120 Mitsubishi K3B-31DS
Excavator N150-2 Mitsubishi K3B-31NSA
Excavator N21 Mitsubishi K4E-31DS
Excavator N220 Mitsubishi K3E-31DS
Excavator N230-2 Mitsubishi K3E-31NSA
Excavator N250 Mitsubishi K3E-31DS
Excavator N260 Mitsubishi K4E-31DSA
Excavator N260-2 Mitsubishi K4E-D31NSA
Excavator N300 Mitsubishi K3E-31NS
Excavator N300-2 Mitsubishi K4E-D31NSA
Excavator N350 Mitsubishi K4E-31NS
Excavator N350-2 Mitsubishi K4E-D31NSA
Excavator N450 Mitsubishi K4M-D31DN
Excavator N450-2 Mitsubishi K4N-D31NSA
Excavator S&B 800 Mitsubishi S4K
Excavator S&B15SR Mitsubishi K3E-31DB
Excavator S&B15W Mitsubishi K4F-D31DS
Excavator S&B20S Mitsubishi K4E-31DB
Excavator S&B25 Mitsubishi K3E-31DB
Excavator S&B25III Mitsubishi K3E-31NS
Excavator S&B25S Mitsubishi K4M-D31DS
Excavator S&B30S Mitsubishi K4M-D31DS
Excavator S&B45 Mitsubishi S4K-T
Excavator S&B800 Mitsubishi S4K-T
Excavator S&BX1 Mitsubishi K4F-D31DS