Mitsubishi produces several products for construction machinery, such as bulldozers, motor graders and wheel loaders. Find an overview of these products below to see which Mitusbishi engine has been used in these products.

Mitsubishi Motor Grader
Type Engine brand Type Remarks
Bulldozer BD2G Mitsubishi S4E2
Bulldozer BD2G-II Mitsubishi S4E2
Bulldozer BD2H Mitsubishi S4S
Bulldozer BDSJ Mitsubishi S4S
Bulldozer BS3G Mitsubishi S4E2
Bulldozer BS3H Mitsubishi S4S
Bulldozer BS3J Mitsubishi S4S
Motor Grader FA500 Mitsubishi S4E2
Motor Grader FA650 Mitsubishi S4E2-T
Motor Grader FA800 Mitsubishi S6E2
Motor Grader MG100 Mitsubishi S6E2
Motor Grader MG150 Mitsubishi S6E2-T
Motor Grader MG130 Mitsubishi S4K-E2T
Motor Grader MG230 Mitsubishi 6D34-TE1
Motor Grader MG330 Mitsubishi 6D16-TE1
Motor Grader MG330-R Mitsubishi 6D16-TE1
Motor Grader MG430 Mitsubishi 6D16-T
Motor Grader MG530 Mitsubishi 6D22-T 
Motor Grader MG730 Mitsubishi 6D22-T
Wheel Loader WS200A Mitsubishi S3E9-T
Wheel Loader WS300A Mitsubishi S3E2
Wheel Loader WS300A Mitsubishi S3E9
Wheel Loader WS400 Mitsubishi S4E2
Wheel Loader WS410 Mitsubishi K4F-DT51WS
Wheel Loader WS500 Mitsubishi S4E2
Wheel Loader WS500A Mitsubishi S4K
Wheel Loader WS500A-2 Mitsubishi S4K
Wheel Loader WS 704 Mitsubishi K4F-E1
Wheel Loader WS 705 Mitsubishi K4F-E1T
Wheel Loader WS 706  Mitsubishi K4F-E1T
Wheel Loader WS200L Mitsubishi S2E2
Wheel Loader WS200A Mitsubishi K4F-DT51WS
Wheel Loader WS200A-II Mitsubishi K4F
Wheel Loader WS300A-II Mitsubishi K4F-DT
Wheel Loader WS500A-II Mitsubishi S4K