The American company Montana has produced their own tractors for a number of years. Some of these tractors have been fitted with a Mitsubishi engine; see below for a complete overview.


  Type Engine brand Type
Tractor 4320 Mitsubishi S4Q
Tractor 4320C Mitsubishi S4Q
Tractor 4340 Mitsubishi S4Q
Tractor 4340C Mitsubishi S4Q
Tractor 4920 Mitsubishi S4Q2
Tractor 4920C Mitsubishi S4Q2
Tractor 4940 Mitsubishi S4S
Tractor 4940C Mitsubishi S4Q2
Tractor 5720 Mitsubishi S4S
Tractor 5720C Mitsubishi S4S
Tractor 5740 Mitsubishi S4S
Tractor 5740C Mitsubishi S4S
Compacttractor 3040 Mitsubishi S4L
Compacttractor 3840 Mitsubishi S4L2
Compacttractor 3940 Mitsubishi S4L2
Compacttractor 4540 Mitsubishi S4Q