Solé Diesel is a Spanish company which has produced marine engines and generators for over more than a century. Some of their engines have been fitted with a Mitsubishi engine; see a complete overview below.

Type Engine brand Type
Marine G-6M-15 Mitsubishi L3E-62SS
Marine G-6T-15 Mitsubishi L3E-62SS
Marine G-8M-3 Mitsubishi L2E-62SS
Marine G-8T-3 Mitsubishi L2E-62SS
Marine G-10M-15 Mitsubishi S3L2
Marine G-10T-15 Mitsubishi S3L2
Marine G-15M-15 Mitsubishi S4L2
Marine G-15M-3 Mitsubishi L3E-62SS
Marine G-15T-15 Mitsubishi S4L2
Marine G-15T-3 Mitsubishi L3E-62SS
Marine G-20M-15 Mitsubishi S4Q
Marine G-20T-15 Mitsubishi S4Q
Marine G-25M-3 Mitsubishi S4L2
Marine G-25T-3 Mitsubishi S4L2
Marine G-35M-15 Mitsubishi S4S
Marine G-35T-15 Mitsubishi S4S
Special Gen Set G5-28V Mitsubishi L2E
Marine Gen Set Mitsubishi K4D-61SS
Marine Gen Set Mitsubishi L2A-61SS
Marine Gen Set Mitsubishi L2A-62SS
Marine Gen Set Mitsubishi L2E-61SS
Marine Gen Set Mitsubishi L2E-62SS
Marine Gen Set Mitsubishi L3E-61SS
Marine Gen Set Mitsubishi L3E-62SS
Marine Gen Set Gen Set Mitsubishi L2A-61SS
Marine Gen Set Gen Set Mitsubishi L2E-61SS
Marine Gen Set Gen Set Mitsubishi L3E-61SS
Marine Marine Application Mitsubishi K2AS-61SS
Marine Marine Application Mitsubishi K4D-61SS
Marine Marine Application Mitsubishi K4M-D61SS
Marine Marine Application Mitsubishi L2A-62SS
Marine Marine Application Mitsubishi L2E-62SS
Marine Marine Application Mitsubishi L3E-62SS
Marine Sail-Drive (Mini 17) Mitsubishi L2E
Marine Sail-Drive (Mini 26) Mitsubishi L3E
Marine Mini 11 Mitsubishi L2A-62SS
Marine Mini 11/E  Mitsubishi L2E
Marine Mini 14 Mitsubishi K2C-61SS
Marine Mini 17 Mitsubishi L2E-62SS
Marine Mini 18 Mitsubishi KE75-61SS
Marine Mini 23 Mitsubishi K3D-61SS
Marine Mini 26 Mitsubishi L3E-62SS
Marine Mini 32 Mitsubishi K4C-61SS
Marine Mini 33 Mitsubishi S3L2
Marine Mini 34 Mitsubishi K4D-61SS
Marine Mini 44 Mitsubishi S4L2
Marine Mini 48 Mitsubishi K4M-D61SS
Marine Mini 55 Mitsubishi S4L2
Marine Mini 62 Mitsubishi S4Q
Marine Mini 74 Mitsubishi S4S
Marine SM-105 Mitsubishi S6S