Sand production

Contracting / construction industry needs a continuous supply of good sand and gravel. 
In the Netherlands alone annually 40 million tons of sand and gravel is used in concrete and concrete products. 
The Kaliwaal 41 makes custom made industrial sand. The screen installation on the Kaliwaal 41 delivers up to 140 different recipes of sand. A large vacuum cleaner gets from different depths the "raw" sand.  After this, the sand is separated into four different fractions of sand. Gravel larger than 5,6 mm is dumped in a deposit. 

Mitsubishi S12R-PTA diesel engine

Large weight differences in the different sand bunkers, could take these floating factory out of balance, a patented system of ballast tanks provide the balance of the floating plant. Six anchor wires keep the Kaliwaal in the correct position on the water. 
This plant on the water was powered by two Detroit Diesel diesel engines type 16V149T until August 2010. 
Around 15 years ago, these Detroit Diesel engines type 16V149 T where supplied by the company Diesel Bedrijf Hardinxveld  DBH, from Dordrecht and did there job in a proper way. 
From August 9, 2010, the generators of the Kaliwaal 41 are powered by two Mitsubishi S12R PTA engines. 
To come to this decision, a process of several rounds of consultations and advice were followed. 
After a visit to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, MHI, Europe, Almere, the Netherlands, it was decided to rebuild the sets with the Mitsubishi S12R PTA diesel engine. In a world record time of 6 weeks the old sets were replaced by the new S12R - PTA diesel sets and were up and running. Besides the normal reliably work, the engine room temperature is much lower and the engines are producing a significantly lower noise level compared with the old Detroit Diesel 16V149 T engines.