Ingersoll Rand generators are available in different versions. Starting at a small G16 with a prime power of 400 V (15 kva), a primary engine of 13.7 kW and a fuel tank of 230 liters, all the way through to the G550, a genset, with a prime power of 400V (500 kVA) and a 1770 liter fuel tank.

Many of the Ingersoll Rand gensets have been fitted with a Mitsubishi diesel engine. See a full overview of this list down below.

Type Engine brand Type Remarks
Road Roller FX 130  Mitsubishi L2E-31MR
Generator G8 Mitsubishi L2E-61SDH
Generator G11 Mitsubishi S3L2-61SD
Generator G12 Mitsubishi S3L2-61SD
Generator G16 Mitsubishi S4L2-61SD
Generator G17 Mitsubishi S4L2-Y162SD 040989~085224
Generator G20 Mitsubishi S4Q2
Generator G22 Mitsubishi S4Q2-61SD
Generator G23 Mitsubishi S4L2-Y162SD 040989~085224
Generator G25 Mitsubishi S4Q2-Y162SD
Generator G30 Mitsubishi S4S
Generator G33 Mitsubishi S4S
Generator G34 Mitsubishi S4S-Y162SD
Generator G40 Mitsubishi S4S-DT
Generator S20 Mitsubishi S4Q2-Y162SD
Generator S30 Mitsubishi S4S-Y162SD