S16R2-PTAW (1960 kW - 2167 kW) 2000kWe

S16R2-PTAW2 2000kWe

The S16R2-PTA is developed in response to the needs on the market, the unique Mitsubishi SR series guarantees outstanding engine reliability, easy maintenance and cost-efficient performance. The electrical power is 2000 kWe @ 50 Hz. Or 2600 kVA electrical out put.

Easy maintenance
Automatic lubricating system and automatic gear-driven arrangement eliminate the need for lubrication and adjustments.
Filter changes are easily accomplished, and accessories requiring daily maintenance and are easy accessible.

Highly reliable design
Rationalised design concept based on simplicity. Thermal load reducing structure equipped with enhancing features guarantees engine reliability.

Full line-up
The use of standardised main components throughout the SR series reduces the number of engine parts and enables easier parts supply.

With the wider selection of engine models and optional equipment, Mitsubishi is your answer to a variety of needs.

Power Outputs
Generator Prime power without fan 50 Hz1960 kW @1500 rpm
Generator Standby power without fan 50 Hz2167 kW @1500 rpm
Generator Continuous C without fan 50 Hz1680 kW @1500 rpm
Engine Type4 stroke watercooled turbocharged aftercooled diesel engine
Cylinder ArrangementV type
Combustion Systemdirect injection
Number of Cylinders16
Number of Turbochargers4
Bore x Stroke170 mm x 220 mm
Total displacement80 liter
Type of fueldiesel fuel oil (ASTM no. 2-D)
Starting Systemelectric or air starting
Lubricating Systemforced lubrication by gear pump
Main dimensions - length3117 mm
Main dimensions - width1478 mm
Main dimensions - height2029 mm
Dry Weight engine only8200 kg
Mitsubishi - S16R2-PTA - 2000 kWe/50Hz - 2600 kVA - SR series - Easy maintenance - Reliable - Direct injection - 16 cylinder